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          1. Company Profile

            SINO-Dangerous Goods Transportation Consultant Ltd(SDG), which was established in April of 2006, is the first “specialized” and “thirdparty based” dangerous goods identification body and testing lab for airtransportation approved by CAAC. It is located in Beijing Airport Logistic Parknear Air China Cargo T3 hub, providing dangerous goods identification, airtransportation consultancy and technical trainings for shippers, cargo agentand air carriers etc.

            SDG cooperating with Beijing Jiaotong University sets up SINO dangerous goodsclassification labs both inside Capital Airport Logistic Park and Beijing Jiaotong University campus. The lab is leading by professors group from theuniversity. All the personnel in the lab are doctors and masters with richexperience in analytic chemistry field and CAAC DG board member. All the staffsin SDG have received strict professional trainings. They all hold IATA and CAAC DGR certificate. SDG has strong technical background, advanced testing apparatus, and consummatelab management system which is accredited by CMA,CNAS17025 and CNAS 17020. Besides.SDG has become IATA Strategic Partner since year 2007-2012.

            SDG always follow the purpose “Fulfilling the needs of client& Ensuring the airtransportation safety ”,and adhere to its quality policy “Respecting Science,striving for perfection, Honesty andpragmatism, Justness and High efficiency” for the pursuit of high quality service.

            Our company

            Dangerous goods identification bodyapproved by CAAC

            The Accredited Training School of Intemational AirTransport Association (IATA)

            Training qualification for dangerous goodsregulations certified by CAAC

            CNAS Accredited Laboratory NO.CNAS L3570

            CNAS Accredited Inspection Body NO.CNASIB0126

            Accreditedby Administration of Quality Supervision for "China MetrologyAccredidation"(CMA)

            Scope of Business

            Certificationand classification of air transportation goods

            Strictly abide to therequirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization for the transportof Dangerous Goods, and to provide certification, classification and expertreport on the goods entrusted.


            In order to improve the standardizing system for airtransportation and meet the CAAC’s requirements of employee’s competency, SDG madeconsistent efforts to improve the ability of its training center. Now, it hasbecome the approved dangerous goods training centers by CAAC. All instructorshave the qualification of CAAC and IATA DG instructor.

            Transportation Consultancy

            Toprovide a wide range of tailor-made consultancy services to our customers interms of transportation modes, packaging materials and other aspects involved.

            Our Team

            The technical team of SDGconsists of numeral authoritative professionals in DG field. They take keen partof the work for China DG board.

            Main professionals: Yang Yuguo, Cheng Zhiming, Xu Yunhua, Zhang Leilei.